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Get your gift certificates in time for the holidays! Contact Barbara for more info. Call 989-245-9409.

Paint and Leathercraft Classes

I offer classes in my home studio to individuals or groups. I provide all supplies for classes in Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging & Colored Pencil and the cost is $45.00. All other painting classes will be $7.50 per hour & you bring your own supplies. I also teach Leathercraft for $7.50 per hour. I have limited amount of tools that you may use, any others that you may need you will have to purchase. I sell supplies and offer students a discount.

I carry a complete line of supplies for items I use in the classes. For more information, you can contact me using my "CONTACT" page.

Michigan waters

Class Samples

River Road Lighthouse

"River Road Lighthouse"

At the Beach

"At the Beach"